Big Interior Design Trends For 2016

Your home is your refuge from the rest of the world, the place where you can relax and unwind in comfortable surroundings. But making sure that it really looks its best is important, and interior design is the key to doing that. There are plenty of different interior design options you can focus your attention on, but for most it’s worth keeping up with the trends of each year.

The reason? Each year’s trends can bring new ideas and techniques that may better suit your overall sense of style and taste. Because of this, it’s well worth keeping an eye on trends as they develop.

2016 is going to be another exciting year, with some unique ideas that you can use to turn your home into something truly wonderful. Here’s a quick look at just some of the big trends to expect in 2016.

• Artisan Goods Are In – Handcrafted artisan products are starting to work their way into homes already, and that trend is going to grow in 2016. Things like crochet, basketry, tassels, handmade rugs and tapestries, and more are all perfect examples of what this means. And mixing up vintage or artisan items with more modern, mass produced products is possible as well, letting you get everything you need from your interior design.

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• Let The Outside In – Another thing that is changing homes is bringing touches of the outdoors inside. Things like large or small plants can brighten a room, but so can wall décor and accessories that are just as home outside as inside. Even furniture is getting in on the act, with indoor/outdoor furniture options starting to show up in unique places around the home.

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• Geometry – Tiles, cement, wood, and other materials are starting to go geometric. Backsplash, countertop, and floor designs are beginning to incorporate intricate patterns and geometric designs again and in the process, changing your home for the better.


• Metal Matters – The vintage look of the 50s and 70s are coming back too, and accenting a home with gold, brass, silver, and other metallic touches is a great way to enhance any room of your home.



• Minerals Matter Too – From pyrite bowls to quartz chunks being used as bookends to semi-precious stones being used as door pulls or celling fan pull chain ends, minerals are going to be big this upcoming year. There are numerous sources out there for them, and if you get creative you’ll find a lot of different ways to make them work for you.

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Simply put, things are getting more eclectic for the 2016 year when it comes to interior design. There are so many different ways that you can personalize your home that it can be an adventure, so don’t hesitate to start planning some small – or large – changes to your interior design.


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