Air + Style LA

For all the art, fashion and tech crazed, one of the most awaited events Shaun White’s Air+Style returns on Feb 20-21 at Expo Park, Downtown LA. Watch the best snowboarders go head to head on Air+Style’s signature 16 story high snowboard jump. What is Air+Style? An event hosted by renowned extreme athlete, Shaun White, Air+Style has become a pioneer of modern sports entertainment and an innovator in youth marketing. Air+Style LA is an idea that goes beyond competition and music. White believes that Air+Style is a platform where music, art, fashion and sports come together to have a great time. Many championship snowboarders are a part of the event, namely Shaun … Continue reading

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant – Movie Review

      Peter Lorimer reviews The Revenant in this weeks Movie Minute. The Revenant stars Leonardo DiCaprio as frontiersman, Hugh Glass who survives a vicious bear attack only to be left for dead by his tribe. DiCaprio’s Oscar worthy performance based on a true story tells the tale of his quest to find his former allies and take revenge.    

Plaid Is Going To Be Even Bigger Than Before This Fall

As the temperatures begin to cool somewhat, style trends change as well. One of the biggest signs that fall has arrived is the resurgence of plaid in fashion and design. Call it tartan, plaid, or anything else you like, but there’s no question that every fall season sees the return of plaid in the fashion world – from skirts to shirts to caps to scarves. But this year, it’s different. Plaid isn’t just showing up in the fashion world, it’s exploding into home décor, office accessories, and even iPhone cases and lip balm. Designers agree that for this fall season, plaid has become the new black – a … Continue reading

The Beverly Hills artSHOW Is Sure To Draw Crowds

Beverly Hills has long been known for a number of different things – style, wealth, and an appreciation of the finer things in life are just a few examples that spring to the minds of most. That’s why events here are such a huge experience, and the upcoming Beverly Hills artSHOW is sure to be no exception. The fall show is planned for October 17 and 18 and runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., transforming the city in to one of the world’s premier destinations for art lovers of all kinds. The show will feature art from 240 of the leading artists in the country in all … Continue reading

New Promos Showcase Upcoming ABC Show About Serial Killers In 1980 LA

Television has always had a long, healthy relationship with Los Angeles. Not only are plenty of shows filmed here, but a number of them are based in the city and some actually embrace the city and treat it almost like a character within the narrative. The upcoming series “Wicked City” is shaping up to be one such show, and early promos help showcase the city and the story taking place within it – one of serial killers. The ABC show is set in 1980, and focuses on a pair of serial killers akin to Bonnie and Clyde – Kent and Betty, played by Ed Westwick and Erika Christensen … Continue reading