The Beverly Hills artSHOW Is Sure To Draw Crowds

Beverly Hills has long been known for a number of different things – style, wealth, and an appreciation of the finer things in life are just a few examples that spring to the minds of most. That’s why events here are such a huge experience, and the upcoming Beverly Hills artSHOW is sure to be no exception. The fall show is planned for October 17 and 18 and runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., transforming the city in to one of the world’s premier destinations for art lovers of all kinds. The show will feature art from 240 of the leading artists in the country in all … Continue reading

New Promos Showcase Upcoming ABC Show About Serial Killers In 1980 LA

Television has always had a long, healthy relationship with Los Angeles. Not only are plenty of shows filmed here, but a number of them are based in the city and some actually embrace the city and treat it almost like a character within the narrative. The upcoming series “Wicked City” is shaping up to be one such show, and early promos help showcase the city and the story taking place within it – one of serial killers. The ABC show is set in 1980, and focuses on a pair of serial killers akin to Bonnie and Clyde – Kent and Betty, played by Ed Westwick and Erika Christensen … Continue reading

American Identity Is The 2016 Focus At The Huntington Library

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens is well known around the world for being a wonderful location for art collections as well as an educational and research institution – not to mention being the location of some of California’s best botanical gardens. The facility regularly hosts a variety of exhibits, and each year it also focuses on various themes or central ideas. For the upcoming year, the Huntington Library has recently announced that upcoming exhibits will focus on the very idea of what it truly means to be American. There is an ongoing national conversation about race, identity, and American ideals and this exhibit is intended … Continue reading

Unique architecture as Graphic Art

Are they tiles? Fabric patters? You may be unsure of what you are looking at when first looking at photographer, Roland Fischer‘s new series “Facades“, but take a closer look, these images are those of building facades. Architectural photography takes on anonymity with these visually appealing, two dimensional photographs Fischer has captures images such as the original Twin Towers in New York City to various metropolitan buildings in Los Angeles, Melbourne, San Paulo and Montreal as well as more lesser known properties such as high schools, banks, museums and corporate headquarters all around the world. He began this project 15 years ago during his first visit to Shanghai, when … Continue reading

LA Street Art via Google

Google has expanded their popular Art Project to now feature some of the best and unique street art around the world, a large number of which are around Los Angeles. Google Art Project, which once allowed people to virtually walk through some of the world’s finest museums, including locals The Getty and LACMA, is introducing their Street Art Project which allows you to navigate over 10,000 high resolution photographs, titles and artists via Google Maps. Check out the official link here: