Air + Style LA

For all the art, fashion and tech crazed, one of the most awaited events Shaun White’s Air+Style returns on Feb 20-21 at Expo Park, Downtown LA. Watch the best snowboarders go head to head on Air+Style’s signature 16 story high snowboard jump. What is Air+Style? An event hosted by renowned extreme athlete, Shaun White, Air+Style has become a pioneer of modern sports entertainment and an innovator in youth marketing. Air+Style LA is an idea that goes beyond competition and music. White believes that Air+Style is a platform where music, art, fashion and sports come together to have a great time. Many championship snowboarders are a part of the event, namely Shaun … Continue reading

Restaurant Review – The Bellweather

Restaurant Minute – The Bellwether Edgy, Studio City restaurant The Bellwether marks the debut of Father’s Office veterans Chef Ted Hopson and Ann-Marie Verdi. Situated on Ventura Blvd, The Bellwether features international, sharable cuisine from the Middle East, Thailand, Italy and beyond. In addition to its flavorful dishes the menu also features research and development dishes dubbed works in progress. Check out The Bellwether 13251 Ventura Blvd. #A, Studio City


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This Property Provides Legendary Luxury Living

 California’s luxury homes are impressive, but they don’t all have the modern architecture most think of when they envision them. The property at 720 North Alta Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90210 is a great example of traditional Georgian architecture that utilizes classic design elements with all of the modern amenities and features today’s homeowners want. The property is located on one of the most desirable streets in the city, and sits on a large 27,000 square foot lot. It’s made up of seven bedrooms and fourteen baths, but each room inside is designed with size in mind – large rooms fill up the home to make sure you … Continue reading

A Closer Look At The 2016 California Housing Market

The last few years have been good for California real estate, at least when you compare them to the decade previous. And as such, it’s no wonder that more and more people are looking into the future of the housing market. For 2016, things aren’t expected to change tremendously, but the changes that experts are predicting will have a direct impact on the market and all the buyers or sellers participating in it. The California Association of Realtor’s 2016 Housing Market Forecast was just released, and it has some interesting info on it that should help you get a better idea of what to expect next year. For … Continue reading

This Home Is A Chance To Own Hollywood History

California is filled with some of the most impressive homes in the nation, and sometimes you have the opportunity to not only move into a luxury home with all the amenities you deserve, but also to get a home that is a piece of Hollywood History. The property located at 2859 Coldwater Canyon Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90210 is a perfect chance to do just that. The Charlton Heston Estate is filled with all you would expect from a Hollywood legend’s former home, and in every room you can expect amazing views of the mountains and canyons thanks to huge glass walls that blend outside with inside perfectly. Intricate … Continue reading

This Home Is The Pinnacle Of Modern Design

Modern luxury homes in California often evoke a certain image in one’s mind, and the property situated at 1360 Summitridge Pl Beverly Hills, CA 90210 is no exception. Sitting on an unusually large 2.8 acre promontory, this home was designed in 2013 by Marmol Radziner and is a perfect example of when a house becomes a true work of art. The design features the long lines and sharp angles that you would associate with modern California style, as well as the large glass windows and open spaces that blend the inside with the outside so well. But the home also utilizes many interesting materials in its construction, and … Continue reading