This Property Provides Legendary Luxury Living

 California’s luxury homes are impressive, but they don’t all have the modern architecture most think of when they envision them. The property at 720 North Alta Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90210 is a great example of traditional Georgian architecture that utilizes classic design elements with all of the modern amenities and features today’s homeowners want. The property is located on one of the most desirable streets in the city, and sits on a large 27,000 square foot lot. It’s made up of seven bedrooms and fourteen baths, but each room inside is designed with size in mind – large rooms fill up the home to make sure you … Continue reading

This Home Is The Pinnacle Of Modern Design

Modern luxury homes in California often evoke a certain image in one’s mind, and the property situated at 1360 Summitridge Pl Beverly Hills, CA 90210 is no exception. Sitting on an unusually large 2.8 acre promontory, this home was designed in 2013 by Marmol Radziner and is a perfect example of when a house becomes a true work of art. The design features the long lines and sharp angles that you would associate with modern California style, as well as the large glass windows and open spaces that blend the inside with the outside so well. But the home also utilizes many interesting materials in its construction, and … Continue reading

This Home Is A Must For Classic Style And Sophistication

Your home should be much more than just a place to stay – it needs to convey your sense of style and sophistication perfectly as well. That’s exactly what the home located at 9551 Lime Orchard Rd Beverly Hills, CA 90210 provides, and it’s a perfect example of classic Colonial Revival architecture with all the modern amenities you deserve. The property is situated within the highly respected, much coveted gated community of Hidden Valley Estates, providing the owner with complete security and privacy. It can be your refuge from the world, and you’ll be able to spend your time here without worry. The grand entry commands attention from … Continue reading

This Modern Masterpiece Is A Home Unlike Any Other

California homes have a certain kind of feel to them that helps them feel like part of their environment. Luxury homes here run the gamut of design styles, but the property located at 1288 Angelo Dr., Beverly Hills, CA is one that can truly be called a work of modern art – a masterpiece that you can live in. The home rests on a slope that offers a tremendous view of the city below all the way to the ocean, and those views are visible from virtually anywhere inside or outside the home thanks to large expansive patios and huge glass walls. Those walls of glass also help … Continue reading

This Incredible Compound Is A Rare Find

California luxury homes can include a lot, but it’s rare to find one that seems to have it all. The property situated at 2463 Solar Dr., Los Angeles, CA is a perfect example of a private luxury compound that really is filled with everything you expect from a California dream home and is well worth a closer look. The compound is located on a rare lot on a flat ridge top. This location provides extraordinary views that span the entire LA basin – from downtown to the ocean. The home is a six bed, eleven bath masterpiece with 6,000 square feet of living space. It took three years … Continue reading

There Is No Better Example Of Modern Luxury Than This Amazing Home

California architecture can run through a wide range of styles, from classic Mediterranean to French and beyond. But the style that most exemplifies the current luxury home market has to be the modern design, and the home located at 1302 Collingwood Pl., Los Angeles, CA is a perfect example of what the pinnacle of modern class and luxury living should be. The home sits on a promontory above the famed Sunset Strip and offers stunning views of the sea and the city below, all from the privacy of a gated lot that is secluded by the hillside and lush green landscaping. It’s a private refuge that also offers … Continue reading

Private Luxury And Mediterranean Style Are On Full Display In This Home

California luxury living is unlike anything else in the nation. The combination of amazing homes, wonderful location, and great weather means that you can enjoy every day here. And the home located at 1700 Green Acres Drive, Beverly Hills is a perfect example of just how sophisticated the homes – and life – here can be. The home sits on a large 26,000 square foot lot located just north of Sunset, and resides behind a private gate and large hedged walls that offer maximum seclusion and privacy from the rest of the world. The 9,000 square foot home features five bedrooms and seven bathrooms and is designed in … Continue reading

Upscale Sophistication Has Never Looked So Good

Every Beverly Hills home has its own unique personality. Even when styles are similar, you’ll notice that designers here go to great lengths to make sure that each house stands out. The property at 1020 Ridgedale Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210, for example, is a sophisticated take on modern traditional style that needs to be seen in order to fully be appreciated. The estate has taken years to be completed and was recently renovated to ensure that it blends classic old world style with modern sophistication and technology. This creates a property that is the best of both worlds, and one that offers a lot to its owner. … Continue reading

This Home Makes It Possible To Own A Piece Of Hollywood History

One of the incredible things about luxury homes in California is that not only are they lavish, but many of them could come with a story – a history behind them. Previous owners could be quite famous, and it’s not uncommon for properties that are listed to have been owned by the Hollywood elite. That is certainly the case with the home located at 1500 Seabright Pl., Beverly Hills, CA 90210, and the property is a stunning example of style combined with a rich history. The house was designed and built in the 1920s by famous architect John Byers for King Vidor. The property was then sold to … Continue reading