BACKSTAGE PASS #36 – MEETING GARY VEE – A Vlog by a Dude working in Los Angeles Real Estate

Well the title is a give away on this episode of BSP as Peter and his mate Waleed, both avid GV fans, had the opportunity to see Gary speak and then managed to have a short personal one on one with the media king himself. It was a packed day and Peter discovered an area named “City of Industry” which unbeknownst to him is just outside LA. It was a packed day and you can come along for the ride with Peter & Waleed for the day!!

Backstage Pass #35 – Keynote – Media Creators Event – Strategies & Biz Dev with a Real Estate flavor

In this episode Peter was invited to be the Keynote speaker at the Media Creators Event held in Monrovia Ca. The event brought talent from all over the Southern California area and Peter, in his usual, straight to the point manner, dropped a little experience and knowledge as to what it means to him to be a leading creator/business owner and how the two worlds collide. Enjoy!


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Tech Minute – SLACK, could this app replace workplace emails?

More than just another messaging app, Slacks playful design, attention to detail and its abundant features provide users with an incomparable experience. With over 2 million daily users, the fastest-growing workplace software has many features to make workplace emails nearly obsolete. From emailing, instant messaging, group chat, file sharing, content searching and integration with several platforms you may already use, Slack puts all your tools in one place making life a little “less busy.”

Top Holiday Tech Gifts For 2015

The holidays are a perfect time to spend time with loved ones and to give them – or yourself – a little something special. But there are plenty of different options out there to consider when buying gifts, and this year the tech lover will have plenty to choose from. Here’s a quick look at some of the bestselling, most wanted tech gifts this holiday season. • FitBit Charge Wireless – This is the bestselling FitBit of the year, and it tracks everything from calories burned to floors climbed and beyond. It even monitors your sleep patterns to help you see how healthy you are, and it’s priced … Continue reading

Great New Gadgets To Make Your Home Smarter

Smart homes are becoming one of the standards in today’s world. The interlacing of technology throughout a home makes it possible to get even more from your time there, and to add some convenience to various parts of your life. And as the months roll by, more and more gadgets keep popping up and offering you more ways to help get your home smart. Here are a few great examples of new tech devices that you might want to integrate into your smart home to boost its “IQ” even further. • Petcube – This is a must have for pet owners who feel bad about leaving their four … Continue reading

The Selling Sunset Strip Show Episode 001

The Selling Sunset Strip Show — Tip tips and insider secrets from PLG Estates – Beverly Hills Mega Broker Pete Lorimer. This week’s episode features Rob Diaz, super star builder designer. The Selling Sunset Strip Episode 001 1. Introduction 2. Ripped from the Headlines: The latest and greatest from Los Angeles Real Estate Market 3. Tech Talk: An innovative app that can replace the daunting Photoshop. 4. Money: Mortgage talk with Ryan Woodward, Wells Fargo 5. Guest: Superstar Los Angeles builder, Rob Diaz of PLG Estates discusses buying, building and designing.