The Top Tech Products Of 2015

While 2015 isn’t yet over, it’s already produced some of the most impressive tech devices of the last few years. And as technology keeps evolving and progressing, it’s likely that we’ll see plenty more tech items that change the way we work, play, and communicate. For now, it’s well worth taking a look at the top tech items that have been released in 2015. Some you may be familiar with, some you may own and love, and some you may not have heard of yet. Either way, these are the items that are making a big splash in the lives of those who have used them, and the … Continue reading

Fitness Bands Are Making Big Impacts On The Golf Course

Over the last few years, fitness bands have started to take off in a big way. Older models did little more than just measure the steps you take each day, but today’s fitness bands are essentially computers for your arms. And with the Apple Watch recently making its debut and offering a full suite of fitness apps, it’s no surprise that these tech devices are really starting to impact the way we work and play. While it’s not the first thing thought of when you say ‘fitness band’, golfing is one sport that has really been changing thanks to the use of these bracelets. In fact, now there … Continue reading

Virtual Reality Is Changing Luxury Travel

Luxury travel has always been an excellent way to get away from it all and enjoy things that enrich your life. However, our busy schedules mean that we’re not always able to sneak off to a foreign country whenever we like. Luckily, technology is changing all of that in a big way. Over the next year, major developers including Google, Samsung, and Facebook are all expected to release something that has been dreamed of for years – virtual reality. While video games have been the initial focus of VR units like the well-known Oculus Rift, travel is one area that will certainly become a key focus as well. … Continue reading

Apple Streaming Is A New Plan From The Revolutionary Company

While it has been the leader in downloadable music for years now, Apple has always been a company that is about driving forward progress and technology. That’s why it’s actually somewhat surprising that it took until now for the company to dip its toes into the world of streaming music. Recently, Apple unveiled its new streaming-music service designed to bring an immense catalog to all users – at least, to those willing to pay. The program officially debuted on June 30th, and immediately provides access to a staggering 30 million songs in the company’s database. Users can stream music on any of their Apple-compatible devices, and a monthly … Continue reading

Tesla Motors Moves Into Online Previously Owned Sales

Photo Credit: Tesla Motors

The Tesla Motors company has gotten plenty of attention in recent years. What started out as a startup with some impressive ideas has matured into a mainstream company that is beginning to get a lot of support from those who have seen firsthand what their vehicles can do, and now they’re taking the next step by offering previously owned Tesla cars through its official website. Tesla is, of course, the company that designs and sells electric cars. Up until this newest program’s launch, previously owned vehicles were hard to find. The company uses no independent dealers so that it can keep all revenue from sales. Now, the company … Continue reading

A Free Online Game Will Plant Real Trees In Areas That Need Them

There are plenty of online games out there, including some that task you with planting crops or trees to improve your farm. But there aren’t many that can do what JohnnyAppl does – it actually lets you play a free online game that also helps plant real trees throughout the world.  The game was launched alongside an Indiegogo campaign to help it get off its feet quickly, and was created by Anton Doos, Zeeshan Khalid, and Michael Hogan. The game is modeled off of an app called Freerice, which donates 10 grains of rice for every trivia question you answer correctly, distributing through the World Food Programme. With … Continue reading

Great Mobile Apps To Make Home Life Easier

In today’s busy world, it’s sometimes inconvenient to get out the door to run the most basic of household errands. In these cases, we have technology to turn to.  By using a few mobile apps, you now have the ability to handle a lot of daily tasks without having to leave the comfort of your home. Whether you’re syncing up technology to your home in order to simplify your life, or are just using it to make running errands easier, here are some of the best apps to have if you’re a person on-the-go, or a modern homebody. Toilet Paper and With this app it’s easy to quickly locate the best … Continue reading

The Apple Watch Makes A Big Statement

Today’s technology would boggle the minds of Americans just a decade ago. Not only have things reached a point where technology is integrated into virtually everything, but now things that were once the work of fiction are becoming a reality. A perfect example of this is in the rise of the smartwatch, and today its future looks bright thanks to the Apple Watch. Apple has always been known as an innovator – a company that doesn’t invent new technologies, but that improves on them. They perfected the MP3 player, the tablet, and the smartphone and now they’re finally poised to deliver a watch that will stand out and … Continue reading

Tech Gadgets You Need In Your Home Today by

Almost 50% of consumers surveyed by the ERA Real Estate and HGTV find it important for their current or next home to have smart home technology. From assistance with home security, cutting costs of heating and cooling the home, and even aiding in cooking dinner, smart home tech has become increasingly popular. Here are a few top home tech products. For the full story visit, 1. Smart Home Thermostats 2. Smart Smoke Detectors 3. User Friendly Web Cams