Great New Gadgets To Make Your Home Smarter

Smart homes are becoming one of the standards in today’s world. The interlacing of technology throughout a home makes it possible to get even more from your time there, and to add some convenience to various parts of your life.

And as the months roll by, more and more gadgets keep popping up and offering you more ways to help get your home smart. Here are a few great examples of new tech devices that you might want to integrate into your smart home to boost its “IQ” even further.

• Petcube – This is a must have for pet owners who feel bad about leaving their four legged friends at home. It is a small cube that features a video camera that lets you check in on your pets and use the microphone feature to talk to them. There’s even a laser pointer included that you can use to play with them remotely. 

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• The Ring – Yes, it sounds like something straight out of The Hobbit, but The Ring is much better. It’s a gesture control device that allows you to program numerous actions into it. With a simple swipe of your hand you can switch on the TV, change the radio station, open curtains, flip off lights, and more. It makes you feel like a wizard! 

• H2O Smart Pot – This simple accessory attaches to a bottle of water and fits right into a potted plant. It then detects the amount of moisture in the soil and waters as needed – it can be programed for more than 7,000 plants. 

• LG TWIN Wash System – Need to do colors and whites at once in the laundry? The LG TWIN allows you to wash two loads of laundry at one time thanks to its unique design. 

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• Netatmo Welcome Camera – This smart home security camera changes security for good. It uses facial recognition technology that tells you when your family returns home. You’ll get alerts if it spots someone who you don’t know, allows for livestreaming, and records videos to a local card that eliminates the need for those subscription services. 

• Sengled Snap – This may look like a light bulb, but it’s really so much more. It features a lightbulb, wireless camera, facial recognition software, microphone, and motion sensor. It’s not released just yet, but it will hit the market soon and is well worth keeping your eyes on.

These are just a few exciting new products that are elevating homes into something more. Keep an eye on the latest tech releases and you’ll likely see even more than interest you.


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