Outdoor Living And Entertainment Accessories Are More Impressive Than Ever

Image via LA Times

Image via LA Times

Being able to call Southern California home means being able to enjoy a combination of luxury and natural beauty that few other places can offer you. California’s weather is legendary, and the views available from many of the properties here are just as impressive as the sunshine we get every day.

Of course, enjoying the outdoors at your home is a lot easier when you have the right accessories and furniture outside, and the demand for great outdoor items has spurred many designers into action. Today, there are a wide range of outdoor furniture pieces and outdoor accessories that can elevate your time outside to something truly special.

In the past, there weren’t that many options. Those looking for outdoor furniture and decorations had to choose from plastic, metal, and wood items – each of which has its pros and cons. Today, a wider range of materials and design elements have helped offer much more to those shopping for the perfect outdoor décor. Here are some of the most popular options on the market at the moment. 

• New Chair Designs – Tubular metal frames made from steel or aluminum are combined with a variety of seats or backs to create stunning modern chairs. For example, Luxxbox South SL Chairs feature aluminum tubing with backs and seats made of metal slats. 2222 Edition Design utilizes tubular and laser-cut steel in their chairs, which feature intricate designs on the seats and backs. 

• Color Everywhere – The new M’ Afrique line of furniture from Moroso features high quality furniture that is wrapped in fabric featuring vivid color and unique African inspired patterns. Color has become a big part of modern outdoor collections, and is featured on chairs, tables, and much more. 

• Technology – More and more, outdoor décor is utilizing technology to bring another dimension to your time outside. Digital projectors allow you to watch movies outside, but many manufacturers are offering a variety of portable, rechargeable LED lanterns, lamps, and lights that help you enjoy the nights at your home just as much as you do the daytime hours. 

• Classic Redesigned – Many of the classic midcentury designs we’re all familiar with are getting updates today. For example, the Brown Jordan company offers the same Tamiami design from 1961, but allows you to use a website app to design your color scheme. There are 144 possible combinations, giving greater customization to those who use it. 

Simply put, outdoor décor doesn’t have to be bland metal or plain plastic anymore. There are more options than ever before, and you’ll have no problem finding the perfect furniture and decorations for your outdoor living area.


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