Plaid Is Going To Be Even Bigger Than Before This Fall


Threshold at Target

As the temperatures begin to cool somewhat, style trends change as well. One of the biggest signs that fall has arrived is the resurgence of plaid in fashion and design. Call it tartan, plaid, or anything else you like, but there’s no question that every fall season sees the return of plaid in the fashion world – from skirts to shirts to caps to scarves.

But this year, it’s different. Plaid isn’t just showing up in the fashion world, it’s exploding into home décor, office accessories, and even iPhone cases and lip balm. Designers agree that for this fall season, plaid has become the new black – a great style choice that can be implemented into any home for big results.

This trend can be seen anywhere, but one only has to look to major retailers to notice just how popular it’s become. Target, for example, is planning a tartan takeover this fall, with plaid items throughout virtually every department – shoppers will see everything from plaid coats to plaid Diet Coke bottles. It’s a tidal wave of tartan style that is hard to ignore. 

The big increase is coming from a few places. First and foremost, pop culture has embraced plaid in numerous ways from TV to film and beyond. But it’s also getting noticed due to a return to its dual nature – plaid is at once masculine and romantic, muscular yet beautiful. As a result, it’s a style choice that fits well into any design theme. And since plaid colors are available in a huge number of choices, it’s not hard to find a tartan design that matches your home color scheme perfectly as well.

The classic design dates from the 1700s, but it’s important to understand that even though tartan designs are plaid, not all plaid designs are actually tartans. The difference is when plaid designs feature stripes that are the same in both directions and create a grid, it becomes a tartan.

That little rule probably doesn’t concern many, and the key to finding a great plaid design that you like is to consider your style and color preference and go with it. Thanks to the huge rush of plaid throughout fashion and décor this fall, it’s not going to be hard to find something that fits your home or your wardrobe perfectly.


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