The Future Meets The Past In This New Office Furniture Line


image via LA Times

When it comes to style in design, a lot of focus gets placed on things like home décor or a home itself. But there are plenty of other elements and aspects of designs out there that stand out as impressive. A perfect example is found in a new line of office furniture that is sure to turn heads and leave you impressed – along with anyone else who sees it.

The furniture is located at G-Star Raw, a premium denim label that is headquartered in Amsterdam. The company commissioned world famous contemporary architect Rem Koolhaas to design the new headquarters, updating it to a stunning office that looks amazing inside and out.

As for the furniture, the designs were created by Jean Prouve, a French Modernist with a style all his own. The designs are based on classic office furniture designs from the 1940s and 1950s, but updated with a modern twist. The result creates a unique look that is part sci-fi, part vintage retro, and incredible to look at.

The updated designs are based on 70 year old designs from Prouve, and some haven’t been seen again since their initial release in the forties. Signature elements include things like nearly triangular back legs on chairs that adds a unique, stylish look as well as support. The original designs are being replicated very closely including the materials being used – things like solid natural oak or aluminum handles. 

Even the colors are rare in today’s world, and buyers can choose from three basic shades of green including olive, industrial, or antique. Prices are slightly higher than many may be used to paying for office furniture, with a Bureau Presidence desk costing just under $20,000, for example. But the extra money is well worth it for the impressive style and sophistication that the furniture brings with it.

Lower cost options are also available to homeowners, making it easier to give a room within your home a truly unique look and feel. These furniture options are a perfect match for many different styles and tastes, and could be the perfect addition to your luxury home.


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