This Year’s Top 10 Kitchen Trends

Photo Credit: National Kitchen & Bath Association

Photo Credit: National Kitchen & Bath Association

Any home needs a great kitchen. The fact is that for most families, a huge percentage of their time will be spent in there – cooking as well as simply hanging out. Food has long been a kind of social catalyst, so it makes sense that we spend a lot of time where we prepare our food. That means that it’s important to have a kitchen that you feel comfortable in and that makes it easy to use.

Contemporary kitchens focus on streamlining the overall design with some eclectic design touches as well as on making sure you have all the space and tools needed to prepare any meal. With that in mind, it’s worth taking a look at the top kitchen design trends for the 2015 year. Here are the ten biggest ones, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association. 

1. European Style Cabinets – These add a classic sense of elegance and style to homes, and are already incredibly popular. They can elevate a kitchen’s design to something even more impressive. 

2. Clean and Stylish – The incorporation of different styles and colors in one kitchen help add that contemporary feel to it. 

3. Multiple Appliances – Many kitchens are adding an extra dishwasher, but a second refrigerator/freezer unit helps keep your storage organized and clutter-free. 

4. Furniture-Styled Set pieces – Things like dry bars styled to look as though they’re movable pieces of furniture are a trend that’s growing tremendously in popularity. 

5. Steam Ovens – Steam ovens weren’t always that popular, but today they’re finding their way into the best modern kitchens.

6. Tech Centers – Docking stations for mobile devices and TVs tucked into the kitchen ensures that you can call up menus on your tablet or watch your favorite show while preparing your meals. 

7. Wine Refrigerators – Designed for nothing except wine, these small units fit underneath cabinets and offer a perfect way to keep your wine at the right temperature.

8. Fewer Standard Tables – Modern kitchens are getting rid of standard kitchen tables and replacing them with more counter space  or tall gathering tables paired with barstool style seating. 

9. Outdoor Kitchens – Cooking outdoors lets you experience something different, and adds an element to cooking and dining that just can’t be captured inside. Good, fully featured outdoor kitchens are becoming standard for homes. 

10. A Focus On the Experience – From an accessible design to a stylish appearance to easy maintenance to quick access to all appliances, today’s kitchens are designed from start to finish to be user friendly and a pleasure to be in.

All ten of the points above combine to create the perfect modern kitchen, and you can expect to see them in kitchens throughout the coming year and beyond.


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