This Home Makes It Possible To Own A Piece Of Hollywood History

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One of the incredible things about luxury homes in California is that not only are they lavish, but many of them could come with a story – a history behind them. Previous owners could be quite famous, and it’s not uncommon for properties that are listed to have been owned by the Hollywood elite.

That is certainly the case with the home located at 1500 Seabright Pl., Beverly Hills, CA 90210, and the property is a stunning example of style combined with a rich history. The house was designed and built in the 1920s by famous architect John Byers for King Vidor. The property was then sold to screen legend John Barrymore, and the property instantly became a gathering spot for many of the most famous actors, actresses, and directors of the time. 

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The property exudes that kind of history, and it maintains its classic style while being updated with modern conveniences. The home sits behind a gated entrance and is located on a total of six lots in order to ensure maximum privacy for the owner and their guests. There are two guest cottages as well as a two bedroom, two kitchen, two story guest house to compliment the main home.

Inside, there are three bedrooms along with open sitting areas and a modern kitchen with fully updated appliances. An octagon shaped living room, a study, and a second library help round out the key elements of the house itself. 

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The home has many of the standards that you would expect from today’s luxury California homes but also offers numerous features that make it one of a kind. An entry fireplace greets guest while a private home pub features a redwood tree trunk floor. There’s even an ‘opium den’ above the master bedroom to add a sense of mystery to the home.

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Outside, wandering paths and fountains make it easy to lose yourself in your time here. Even the round pool is unique for the area and stands out at once. In short, the entire home is a work of art and a time capsule of a time when Hollywood was just coming into its own. Owning this property can provide a place to relax, a place to entertain, and a place filled with history.


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