This Property Provides Legendary Luxury Living

720_North_ALTA_Drive_Beverly_Hills_CA_90210_10809803_1_20151117102658 California’s luxury homes are impressive, but they don’t all have the modern architecture most think of when they envision them. The property at 720 North Alta Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90210 is a great example of traditional Georgian architecture that utilizes classic design elements with all of the modern amenities and features today’s homeowners want.

The property is located on one of the most desirable streets in the city, and sits on a large 27,000 square foot lot. It’s made up of seven bedrooms and fourteen baths, but each room inside is designed with size in mind – large rooms fill up the home to make sure you are able to entertain comfortably and to ensure that you feel at home. 

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The master suite is extra-large with walk in closets and a stunning master bath, while the lower level features everything you need to enjoy your time at home including a wine tasting room, game room, private gym, and a large private home theater.

The house is made using modern, high end materials and you’ll find marble, wood, and stone all at use throughout the interior. The gated entrance keeps you and your family safe and secure, and the house is set up with the latest in security as well as smart home technology that lets you control every aspect of the property as you see fit.

The kitchen is fitted with modern appliances and is large enough to prepare elaborate meals in, but designed for efficiency for those moments when you just need a snack. And throughout the home, views of the city are visible outside to help you relax and take in the city lights. 

This property provides everything you would expect from a luxury California home and still provides a sense of old-world classical style thanks to its adherence to those architectural designs. It’s a property that’s well worth taking a look at for yourself.


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