Unique architecture as Graphic Art

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Are they tiles? Fabric patters? You may be unsure of what you are looking at when first looking at photographer, Roland Fischer‘s new series “Facades“, but take a closer look, these images are those of building facades. Architectural photography takes on anonymity with these visually appealing, two dimensional photographs

Fischer has captures images such as the original Twin Towers in New York City to various metropolitan buildings in Los Angeles, Melbourne, San Paulo and Montreal as well as more lesser known properties such as high schools, banks, museums and corporate headquarters all around the world.

He began this project 15 years ago during his first visit to Shanghai, when Shanghai was experiencing rapid growth. “I noticed all these new buildings mushrooming everywhere, giving the impression that they could as well be from any other major town in the world,” Fischer wrote via email. “I thought that this was a new urban visual experience, a consequence naturally of the then still new process of globalization.”

To view more of Fischer’s work visit http://www.rolandfischer.com/facades/

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